IBTimes U.K. Speaks With WHO DG Candidate David Nabarro, Discusses Organization’s Upcoming Election

International Business Times U.K.: Who is David Nabarro, the U.K. candidate to lead the World Health Organization?
“David Nabarro is the U.K. candidate to become the next director general of the World Health Organization. After four decades working as a community-based practitioner, public servant, and diplomat on the international scene, he is ready to address the most pressing global health challenges of our time…” The newspaper features an interview with Nabarro (Surugue, 5/16).

International Business Times U.K.: ‘Bureaucratic, weak and ineffective’: How we can reform the World Health Organization
“… ‘Ebola uncovered all of WHO’s previous weaknesses — an inability to get the necessary resources, poor coordination and communication with WHO regional offices, the lack of an open society approach embracing NGOs and addressing the cultural impact of disease. Despite the loss of life, no single person at WHO accepted responsibility. That would not happen in a well-functioning organization,’ Lawrence Gostin, global health law specialist at Georgetown University, tells IBTimes U.K. The election of the director general may thus be the perfect time to initiate powerful reforms in key areas of the organization which are particularly in need of a shake-up…” (Surugue, 5/16).