IAVI Launches Online Data Portal On Early HIV Infection In Sub-Saharan Africa

IAVI: IAVI Makes Available Unique Dataset and Samples from Pioneering HIV/AIDS Study in Africa to Researchers
“[On Tuesday,] IAVI, a nonprofit scientific research organization dedicated to addressing urgent, unmet global health challenges, announce[d] the launch of IAVI DataSpace, an open-access, online portal to a one-of-a-kind dataset from a study of early HIV infection in a unique sub-Saharan African cohort. Researchers from across the world are invited to interact with the data through powerful visualization tools that help them understand the interplay between HIV and the human immune system and the complex dynamics of HIV transmission. IAVI DataSpace, funded by the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID), is backed by an extensive sample library also available to researchers…” (1/14).