Humanosphere Says U.N. Not Screening Asymptomatic Peacekeepers For Cholera Despite Report

“…Despite telling CNN otherwise, the U.N. is not taking steps to ensure its peacekeepers do not carry cholera from country to country,” development blogger Tom Murphy writes in Humanosphere. “It came as a surprise when U.N. spokesman Farhan Haq told CNN in October that the U.N. was screening peacekeepers for cholera. ‘Part of our lessons learned from [Haiti] has been to screen peacekeepers for cholera,’ said Haq. It would be an important change in U.N. policy. But it is not true. ‘No, that’s a bit if misquote. I said that screening was something that had been considered. However, following WHO policy (which does not call for screening people for cholera if they’re asymptomatic), that was dropped,’ said Haq to Humanosphere, via email…” (1/14).