Humanitarian Groups Should Focus On Efficiently, Quickly Saving Lives

The Guardian: Why David Miliband is wrong about humanitarian goals
Jonathan Whittall, head of humanitarian analysis at Médecins Sans Frontières

“In a recent opinion piece in The Guardian, former British foreign secretary and now the head of the International Rescue Committee, David Miliband, argued that the goals of humanitarian action needed to be reassessed and that humanitarian goals — or, as he calls them, ‘HuGos’ — needed to be set. … Miliband seems to dismiss the notion that humanitarianism is only about saving lives. However, that is exactly what it is about. … What humanitarian organizations should be doing is mobilizing to save lives and alleviate suffering in the quickest way. Instead of entangling this objective into other priorities, humanitarians need to stand separate so that the agendas that slow down or hinder our response can be legitimately challenged…” (3/10).