Human Rights Central To Achieving AIDS-Free Generation

Huffington Post: Why Protecting Humans Rights Is Critical to Achieving an AIDS-Free Generation
Deborah L. Birx, ambassador-at-large and coordinator of the U.S. government activities to combat HIV/AIDS

“…[S]uccess [in ending the HIV/AIDS epidemic] demands that the protection of human rights remains at the core of our work. Around the globe — including in the United States — stigma and discrimination still threaten key affected populations, including men who have sex with men, transgender people, sex workers, people who inject drugs, and women. These violations, in turn, impede their access to and retention in HIV/AIDS services and, ultimately, produce poorer health outcomes. PEPFAR is working to ensure non-discriminatory access to HIV/AIDS services for all individuals in need … [O]n Human Rights Day, we recommit to helping break down the barriers to achieving an AIDS-free generation. The next five years can put us on this path, but only if every person can access the HIV/AIDS prevention and treatment services they need…” (12/11).