House Passes Nearly $60B FY10 Supplemental

The House passed a nearly “$60 billion bill Thursday to pay for wars in Afghanistan and Iraq and fund a variety of other programs,” including relief and rebuilding initiatives in Haiti following the January earthquake, Fox News’ “The Speaker’s Lobby” blog reports (Pergram, 7/1).

“The [FY10] supplemental appropriations bill, containing billions of dollars in additional domestic spending sought by Democrats in the House, passed 239-182, with 15 Democrats and 167 of 177 Republicans voting against the measure,” according to The Hill (Allen/Berman/Tiron, 7/1). 

CongressDaily notes that the bill “will head back to the Senate, which is expected to take up the amended House bill after the Independence Day recess” (Sanchez/Scully, 7/2). According to The Hill, additional changes to the bill by the Senate “seem likely.” A White House statement said that President Barack Obama would veto the bill if it slashes education reform funding or includes “provisions that would undermine [the president’s] ability as commander in chief to conduct military operations in Afghanistan” (7/1).