House Foreign Affairs Committee Ranking Member Howard Berman Unveils Foreign Aid Reform Bill

House Foreign Affairs Committee ranking member Rep. Howard Berman (D-CA) unveiled a bill called the “Global Partnership Act” on Thursday “aimed at reforming the way the United States conducts and oversees foreign assistance around the world,” Foreign Policy’s blog “The Cable” reports. “His bill … would be the first wholesale reform of the foreign assistance program since the last foreign assistance act was passed in 1961,” according to the blog.

“Some of the key reforms in the 813-page bill include: a new comprehensive system for evaluating and monitoring the success of foreign assistance programs, a rule that would peg USAID operating expenses to a percentage of program funds in order to limit dependence on contractors, and a requirement that comprehensive country strategies are developed with Congress’s participation and funded on a multi-year basis,” the blog writes (Rogin, 9/8).