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Hondurans Take Steps To Mitigate Pregnancy, HIV Among Youth

The Guardian: AIDS, pregnancy and the church: young Hondurans take a stand
Carlisle Levine, president and CEO of BLE Solutions, LLC, and Vanessa Siliezar, Honduras representative at Let Girls Lead

“…In November 2012, the government of Honduras launched the national strategy for the prevention of adolescent pregnancies. Since then, the ministry of health has increased the number of youth-friendly health centers and services for adolescents. … But there is still significant work to be done. The teenage pregnancy rate remains high, in spite of the strategy, and so does the number of new HIV infections. On May 28, Honduras president Juan Orlando Hernández officially joined Protect the Goal, a global campaign aimed at preventing teen pregnancy, HIV and AIDS launched by UNAIDS and the UNFPA for the World Cup. There is hope that Honduras’ participation in this visible campaign will prevent the destructive impact that HIV and teen pregnancies can have on society” (6/11).