HIV Vaccine Research Helps Promote Innovation In Other Prevention Methods

Devex: Bold goal of stopping HIV is motivating great science
Paul Stoffels, chief scientific officer and worldwide chair for pharmaceuticals at Johnson & Johnson

“…The good news is that this massive challenge [of finding an HIV vaccine] has unleashed stunning creativity in laboratories all over the world. The bold goal of stopping HIV — a virus that almost seems engineered not to be stopped — is motivating great science. … While we work toward the long-term goal of a vaccine, we are also pulling in partners from many sectors to improve prevention, treatment, and access to options in the short term. These include efforts to develop new therapies that could ultimately help drive down infection rates, such as long-acting formulations, once-a-day pills, and HIV prevention technologies for women, as well as innovative approaches to make our products as broadly accessible and affordable to people as possible…” (7/10).