HIV Evolving Into Less Virulent Form, Scientists Report

Al Jazeera: Study: HIV causing AIDS ‘weakening over time’
“The rapid evolution of HIV, a human immunodeficiency virus, is slowing its ability to cause AIDS, according to a study of more than 2,000 women in Africa…” (12/2).

BBC News: HIV evolving ‘into milder form’
“…The findings in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences also suggested antiretroviral drugs were forcing HIV to evolve into milder forms…” (Gallagher, 12/1).

Reuters: HIV’s ability to cause AIDS is weakening over time, study finds
“…Scientists said the research suggests a less virulent HIV could be one of several factors contributing to a turning of the deadly pandemic, eventually leading to the end of AIDS…” (Kelland, 12/1).

TIME: HIV May Be Evolving To Become Less Contagious And Deadly, Study Shows
“…The Oxford researchers came to this conclusion by comparing HIV infections in Botswana with those in South Africa, where the virus arrived 10 years later…” (Iyengar, 12/1).