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High-Quality Health Care Critical To Achieving SDGs, WHO’s General Programme Of Work

The Lancet Global Health: How could health care be anything other than high quality?
Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, director general of the WHO

“The very fact that in 2018 The Lancet Global Health has commissioned a report on the state of quality care globally is an indictment on all of us for ever tolerating anything less than care that is effective, safe, and people-centered. … [E]nsuring high-quality care in every health system around the world requires nothing less than a revolution. An unrelenting focus on quality at the point of care, in the design of services, and in health system reform are fundamental to achieving both the Sustainable Development Goals and the ‘triple billion’ targets of WHO’s General Programme of Work 2019-23. … Quality is not a given. It takes vision, planning, investment, compassion, meticulous execution, and rigorous monitoring, from the national level to the smallest, remotest clinic. … My hope is that the ultimate result of [the Lancet Global Health Commission’s] labor will be that, in years to come, the term ‘quality care’ will fall into disuse — because there is no other kind” (9/5).