Health Workers In DRC Face Violence, Difficulty Tracking Ebola Contacts For Vaccination

Associated Press: Health workers in Congo’s Ebola outbreak attacked weekly
“Health teams responding to Congo’s latest Ebola outbreak are attacked three or four times a week on average, a level of violence unseen in the country’s nine previous outbreaks of the deadly virus, the health ministry said Monday…” (Anna, 10/22).

STAT: With vaccine in hand, Ebola response teams are struggling to track those who need it
“The Ebola response teams in the Democratic Republic of the Congo are having increasing trouble keeping track of where the virus is spreading, a problem that threatens containment efforts and undermines the effectiveness of the vaccination program there…” (Branswell, 10/23).

Additional coverage of the DRC Ebola outbreak and response efforts is available from CIDRAP News, CNN, VOA News.