Health Sector Should Adopt Human-Rights Based Approach To Gender-Based Violence

Devex: Health workers can help break the silence around violence against women
Constance Newman, senior team leader for gender equality and health at IntraHealth International

“…Violence against women exists in epidemic proportions, but it is so normalized and accepted that people don’t recognize it as the large-scale health and human rights disaster that it is. Health sectors around the world can and should be helping to eliminate violence against women through multilevel, multisectoral interventions. At a minimum, health workers should be trained to screen their clients, identify survivors, and connect them to the variety of services and resources they need to heal and move forward with their lives. … Equipping health workers to effectively screen for and respond to the social roots of gender-based violence helps women who are suffering today, and sets the stage for meaningful health system engagement to prevent violence in generations to come” (3/27).