Health Care Workers Face Threat Of Ebola Infections

News outlets report on efforts to reduce Ebola infections among health care workers.

Thomson Reuters Foundation: Must reduce infections among doctors, nurses to get Ebola under control, USAID says
“Reducing Ebola infections among doctors, nurses, and morgue workers is a priority in the struggle to control the outbreak of the virus in West Africa, a U.S. official said on Monday…” (Dawson, 8/12).

Washington Post: The challenge of stopping Ebola when it keeps killing doctors
“…Since the worst Ebola outbreak in history first emerged in March in West Africa, 1,013 have died — including 81 health-care workers of 170 infected, according to statistics just released by the World Health Organization. The Liberian government announced on Monday the producer of the drug ZMapp, which treated two American healthcare workers, was shipping more of the drug to treat infected Liberian doctors. But even with that announcement, the sheer number of deaths among healthcare workers and the subsequent fear have crippled some medical units fighting Ebola, which is currently killing around 60 percent of those infected…” (McCoy, 8/12).