Health Care Weaknesses Exacerbate Global Disparities In Childhood Cancer Outcomes, Lancet Study Says

U.S. News & World Report: Millions of Children May Needlessly Die From Cancer, Study Warns
“Unless additional investments are made in health care, an estimated 11.1 million children will die of cancer over the next three decades, the vast majority of them in lower-income countries, new estimates show. … There have long been major disparities in childhood cancer outcomes between wealthier and poorer nations, driven largely by unprecedented gains in diagnosis, treatment, and supportive care that are largely inaccessible for children in lower-income countries. The new study, published on Monday in The Lancet Oncology, measures how current health care weaknesses exacerbate the disparities in childhood cancer outcomes — and how those gaps might be bridged with targeted investments in poorer countries…” (Galvin, 3/31).