Health Care Facilities Likely Collateral Damage In Ukraine’s War

Washington Post: The war in Ukraine is more devastating than you know
Cynthia Buckley and Jarod Fox of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Ralph Clem of Florida International University, and Erik Herron of West Virginia University

“…[O]ur research has documented that, as [Ukraine’s] hospitals and medical facilities are destroyed — perhaps even targeted — its citizens are being deprived of basic health care services, echoing Syria’s similar if larger crisis. … Were attacks on health care facilities deliberate? Our preliminary examination suggests that they haven’t been targeted. They appear to have suffered collateral damage, and have been hit by both sides. To draw conclusions about responsibility, one would need to employ the sophisticated open-source data and methods used to analyze the Syrian war damage. No matter who is responsible, the fighting has damaged not just health care services, but other civilian infrastructure such as housing, schools, and election facilities — while killing, terrifying, and displacing civilians…” (4/9).