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Guardian Interviews Peter Piot About Growing Threat Of Dementia

“Peter Piot, the man who discovered the fatal Ebola virus, and whose pioneering work made HIV/AIDS a global priority, is warning about the next pandemic — dementia,” The Guardian reports in an interview with the microbiologist. “One in three of us will develop the disease — 135 million people by 2050, according to Alzheimer’s Disease International (ADI) — while its worldwide health and social care cost in 2010 was estimated at £400 billion [$655 billion],” the newspaper writes, adding, “Our aging population means it will get worse, yet no one is ready for the impact of dementia, [Piot] says.” The Guardian states, “He wants better research, treatment, prevention and cultural change which, when combined, he says, might create a tipping point for dementia,” and notes, “The 64-year-old professor’s warning coincides with [Tuesday’s] G8 summit on dementia in London” (Salman, 12/10).