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Experimental Ebola Vaccine Shows Promising Results In Early Human Trial, Scientists Report

News outlets report on results from the first human trial of an experimental Ebola vaccine, which U.S. scientists say appears to be safe and capable of producing an immune response.

CNN: Scientists: ‘Positive’ results in 1st human trial of experimental Ebola vaccine
“The first human trial of an experimental Ebola vaccine has produced promising results, U.S. scientists said, raising hopes that protection from the deadly disease may be on the horizon…” (Smith-Spark, 11/29).

Reuters: Ebola vaccine from Glaxo passes early safety test
“An experimental Ebola vaccine made by GlaxoSmithKline caused no serious side effects and produced an immune response in all 20 healthy volunteers who received it in an early-stage clinical trial, scientists reported on Wednesday in the New England Journal of Medicine…” (Begley, 11/26).

USA TODAY: Experimental Ebola vaccine appears safe, NIH says
“The first experimental Ebola vaccine to be tested in humans appears safe and capable of stimulating the immune system, according to a small, early clinical trial at the National Institutes of Health…” (Szabo, 11/26).