GlobalPost Blog Features Last Post In Series Examining Child Health In India

In the fifth in a series of posts in GlobalPost’s “Pulse” blog, health reporting fellow Harman Boparai reflects on a recent trip to the country, “where he once practiced as a physician, to take a deeper look at child health.” Highlighting the issue of malnutrition in the country, where “one in every three malnourished children in the world lives,” Boparai recounts a visit to the pediatric ward at Panna District Hospital, where he “was humbled by the hardship that people went through on a daily basis and the grave risk that the children were facing because their families were entangled in a web of socioeconomic stagnation and extreme poverty.” He notes he then “traveled to the capital of the country, New Delhi, to ask people who had been working on these issues what they thought,” and highlights the efforts of Save the Children India, “which works in 13 Indian states to improve maternal and child health.” Lastly, he discusses a visit to his home state of Punjab, where he attended a conference commemorating World Breastfeeding Week, noting “Surat Kaur, a gynecologist who has been practicing in Amritsar for the last three decades, spoke of the importance of extensive nutrition counseling of women” (8/9).