Global Task Force Report Presents ‘Compelling’ Action On Cancer Care, Control

“More than 50 percent of all new cancers and two-thirds of the annual cancer mortality worldwide happen in low-income and middle-income countries,” a Lancet editorial states and describes how the recently released report Closing the Cancer Divide, by the Global Task Force on Expanded Access to Cancer Care and Control in Developing Countries, “presents a compelling case for comprehensive action on expanded access to cancer care and control with realistic recommendations that will be beneficial beyond cancer.” The editorial says the report notes that cancer and issues surrounding it “need to be addressed on humanitarian and rights-based grounds,” as well as “in terms of economic productivity and development.”

According to the Lancet, the report presents “five key strategies” for action, including “innovative delivery of care”; “improvement of access to affordable medicines and vaccines”; “innovative financing mechanisms”; “improved evidence through health information systems”; and “stewardship and leadership for cancer care and control.” The editorial concludes, “The report is optimistic and uncompromising: move away from disease silos and the distinction between communicable and non-communicable diseases and put the human being at the center of action” (11/5).