Global Pandemic Response Lacks Leadership, As U.S., Other Governments Focus Domestically

AP: America First meets global pandemic, testing Trump worldview
“…America First has been a ready applause line for Trump, but now it is also a philosophy being put to a life-or-death test, with much of the world still looking to the U.S. for leadership and assistance…” (Tackett/Lemire, 4/29).

Devex: ‘A scattered mess’: Global coronavirus response lacks leadership, experts say
“…The inward focus shown by the U.S. and other governments might not be surprising, given that even wealthy nations have been overwhelmed by the coronavirus and its economic fallout. But this risks allowing the virus to gain traction in other parts of the world, only to return and cause additional waves of infection later on, [leading U.S. health and development experts] warned…” (Igoe, 4/30).