Global Effort Needed To Reach Zero Ebola Cases In West Africa

Huffington Post: Getting to Zero — and Staying at Zero
Carolyn S. Miles, president and CEO of Save the Children

“…[E]ven though Liberia made it to this milestone [of zero Ebola cases], its neighbors, Guinea and Sierra Leone, are still seeing new cases. Save the Children has been hard at work over the last year in order to help bring the world to this point. … But we didn’t do all of this alone. … [P]roblems of this magnitude cannot be solved by just one group — or by multiple groups working in isolation from each other. Everyone has a role to play and partnerships will remain critical as we go forward in this fight. … I know the world is up for this challenge and one of the things that gives me hope is the commitment and creativity we have seen, and are seeing, on so many fronts and from so many partners” (6/17).