Global Coordinated Action Required To Address Antibiotic Resistance

Foreign Policy: Superbugs Are Going to Eat Us Alive
Riju Agrawal, engineer and policy analyst

“…Like global climate change, the scourge of antibiotic resistance is a problem that will require some form of coordinated global action. … Mirroring the Paris climate agreement, a global framework that enables countries to make individually determined contributions to help fight antimicrobial resistance may be the best way to assemble a broad coalition of actors and galvanize interest in the shared challenge ahead of us. However, to help correct the Paris agreement’s inability to hold countries accountable for meeting their own commitments, there should also be financial rewards in the form of a global reward fund for countries that meet or exceed their individually determined commitments. … Resistance to the antibiotic of last resort is spreading rapidly … If the global community fails to act soon, and this last silver bullet ceases to work, modern medicine as we know it will be changed forever” (6/6).