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Global Community Should Support Women’s Reproductive Rights, Abilities To Make Best Personal Choices

The Guardian: WHO advice that women at Zika risk delay pregnancy isn’t an abortion debate
Ann Neumann, author

“…It is the well being of women, not that of potential children, we are obligated as a global society to support. … Claims that the abortion of microcephaly fetuses amounts to eugenics have muted and complicated the debate over how to address the Zika epidemic. They shouldn’t. Women know best what their capabilities are, what children they are able to raise, what resources they can commit to parenting. In countries, including the U.S., where those who have limited access to reproductive services are predominantly minorities and the poor, concerns for the morality of selective abortion are overwrought. And they are used to further an ideology of reproductive control that should never trump the rights of women. … We should trust women to make their own reproductive decisions, even when their fetuses test positive for microcephaly or any other disability” (6/14).