Global Community Should Invest In Addressing Antibiotic Resistance

The Guardian: Antibiotic resistance is not theoretical: the threat is real and immediate
Mandeep Dhaliwal, director of health and HIV at the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)

“…[W]ith coordinated action between government, industry, civil society, and the public at the international, national, and local levels, we can still turn the tide against antimicrobial resistance. … The return on investment makes [responding to antibiotic resistance] the right economic decision. … [W]e know how important antibiotics are and what is needed to protect the world from a doomsday scenario. We have all the information at hand to make critical policy changes. Drug resistance is not a theoretical threat that we should probably do something about. The science is clear: the threat is real and immediate. Now action must follow” (3/11).