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Global Community Should Invest In, Address Challenges Of Global Mental Health

Huffington Post: Addressing Global Mental Health Challenges and Finding Solutions
Inka Weissbecker, global mental health and psychosocial adviser at International Medical Corps

“…Although long stigmatized and often down-played as nations set their health care priorities, development strategies, and allocate budgets, failure to address mental health issues carry enormous social and economic consequences. … The solutions however, do not only lie with donors and increased funding. More accountability is needed for money that is spent on health care generally … Reporting on mental health data, indicators, and funding must improve. … [These efforts] will require the participation of all of those involved with the issue — donors, governments, local and international NGOs, academia, the private sector, as well as people living with mental illness — working together, investing time and resources to achieve the common goals of better mental health and the economic rewards that come with it” (4/18).