Global Community Must Maintain Pressure On Leaders To Eradicate Polio

The Guardian: India may be free of polio — but the disease hasn’t been eradicated yet
Archie Panjabi, actor and polio eradication ambassador for Rotary International

“This week a regional certification commission is expected to declare the World Health Organization south-east Asia region polio-free. I could not be prouder about this historic achievement. … With India now free of the disease, only three countries remain polio-endemic: Nigeria, Afghanistan and Pakistan. We must ramp up our efforts in the endemic countries, because from them polio can re-emerge to infect children in places where it had been stopped, such as we saw last year in Syria and the Horn of Africa. … That means we must keep the pressure on our political, business and philanthropic leaders to generate the resources to finish the job…” (3/27).