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Global Community Must Carefully Use Antibiotics

Huffington Post: Is Antimicrobial Resistance On Your Radar Yet?
Michael Møller, director general of U.N. Office at Geneva

“…Antimicrobial resistance is becoming an increasingly serious threat to global public health. And this is not only about the problem of abusing antibiotics until they lose their effect — which is already happening. This also has to do with the drugs used to treat diseases such as HIV and malaria which have in their own right posed tremendous public health challenges. … We need to be careful with these precious, lifesaving commodities. We need to stop the overuse of antibiotics to treat ourselves and doctors have to be much more selective in handing out prescriptions. And it goes beyond humans. We must also be careful with the broad range of antimicrobials used in livestock and agriculture which ultimately ends up in our food and environment. … Governments will have to do their part, but every single one of us has a role to play… (6/13).