Gene Therapy-Type Technique Shows Promise In Preventing HIV Infection Among Monkeys; Researchers Look Toward Human Testing

News outlets report on a study published in Nature showing HIV infection in monkeys can be prevented using a gene therapy-type technique.

BBC News: HIV vaccine that transforms cell DNA brings fresh hope (Gallagher, 2/18).
Los Angeles Times: With genetic engineering, scientists use decoy molecule to trick HIV (Morin, 2/18).
Newsweek: Promising HIV ‘Vaccine’ Inactivates All Virus Strains, Prevents Infection (Main, 2/18).
New York Times: New Approach to Blocking HIV Raises Hopes for an AIDS Vaccine (McNeil, 2/18).
Science: Stopping HIV with an artificial protein (Cohen, 2/18).
Wall Street Journal: Molecule Shows Ability to Block AIDS Virus (McKay, 2/18).