Gavi Hopes To Raise $7.4B For 5-Year Period Beginning In 2021

STAT: Global vaccine coalition unveils ambitious plan to immunize 300 million children
“Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance, has unveiled an ambitious plan to expand the number of doses it helps developing countries purchase, aiming to vaccinate an additional 300 million children from 2021 to 2025. The Geneva-based organization revealed to donors it needs $7.4 billion for its five-year period at an event in Japan on Friday (local time) to launch its replenishment drive…” (Branswell, 8/29).
VOA News: Alliance Seeks $7.4B to Immunize 300M Children
“…Gavi’s latest fundraising drive is its most ambitious to date. Officials said they expected huge returns from what would be the agency’s most comprehensive and cost-effective preventive health package ever. Gavi said the vaccines would protect against 18 diseases, saving up to 8 million lives…” (Schlein, 8/30).