Gavi CEO Seth Berkley Discusses Vaccine Access, Coverage Issues In Global Health NOW Interview

Global Health NOW: The Best Intervention: Gavi CEO Seth Berkley’s Q&A, Part I
“Vaccines — the exemplar of a cost-effective public health intervention — reach only a fraction of those who need them. Perhaps just 10 percent of the world’s children receive all 11 vaccines recommended by the WHO, says Seth Berkley, CEO of Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance. Reversing that imbalance is the public-private partnership’s mission. … In this two-part Q&A with Global Health NOW, Berkley shares his insights on Gavi’s latest priorities, the challenges of vaccine hesitancy, why an imperfect malaria vaccine deserves pilot trials in three countries, and other issues…” (Simpson, 5/12).

Global Health NOW: Big Ideas: Gavi CEO Seth Berkley’s Q&A, Part II
“…In this 2nd part of the GHN Q&A, Gavi’s CEO shares his concerns about the expansion of the vaccine hesitancy movement, explains why digital identity technologies in low- and middle-income countries can help improve vaccine coverage, and discusses the value of testing the flawed but potentially important malaria vaccine…” (Simpson, 5/16).