Gaps In Breastfeeding Practices Between Developed, Developing Nations Larger Than Expected, Must Be Closed, UNICEF Report Says

CNN: The countries where 1 in 5 children are never breastfed
“…A new UNICEF report released Wednesday that ranks countries by breastfeeding rates shows that in high-income countries, more than one in five babies is never breastfed, whereas in low- and middle-income countries, one in 25 babies is never breastfed. Among the high-income countries, Ireland, France, and the United States had the three lowest breastfeeding rates…” (Howard, 5/9).

Deutsche Welle: Breastfeeding rates too low in developed countries, UNICEF says
“More than 800,000 child deaths a year could be prevented by breastfeeding, according to a new report released Thursday by U.N. child protection unit UNICEF. Stressing the benefits of nursing for both maternal and infant health, the report says babies are still more likely to be breastfed in developing countries than in the world’s richest nations…” (Goebel, 5/10).

Devex: UNICEF: Babies from high-income countries 5 times less likely to be breastfed
“…Just four percent of babies in low- and middle-income countries are never breastfeed, while 21 percent of babies in high-income countries never receive breastmilk. The gap is higher than some experts may have expected, said Maaike Arts, an early childhood nutrition specialist at UNICEF…” (Lieberman, 5/10).