GAO Report Examines Status Of USAID’s Ebola Recovery Projects

U.S. Government Accountability Office: Ebola Recovery: USAID Has Initiated or Completed Most Projects, but a Complete Project Inventory Is Still Needed for Evaluating Its Efforts
“The fiscal year 2015 appropriations act included a provision for GAO to conduct oversight of USAID and State activities supported with funds from the Ebola response and preparedness appropriations. … This report examines (1) obligations for USAID’s Ebola recovery projects, (2) the status of USAID’s implementation of these projects, and (3) USAID’s evaluation of Ebola recovery efforts. … What GAO Recommends … The Administrator of USAID should ensure that a complete and accurate inventory of Ebola recovery projects is compiled for the ongoing evaluation. USAID concurred with GAO’s recommendation” (3/28).