G7, G20 Governments Should Intensify Efforts To Address Antimicrobial Resistance

Project Syndicate: Squashing the Superbugs
Jim O’Neill, commercial secretary to the U.K. Treasury and chair of the Review on Antimicrobial Resistance

“…With the G7 leaders having committed, in a recent joint declaration, to tackle ‘antimicrobial resistance’ (AMR), it is time for the more inclusive G20 — and China, as it chairs the group for the first time — to take the fight to the next level. … [W]hen it comes to AMR, governments have a rare opportunity to preempt a major crisis, at a fraction of the cost of responding to the crisis once it has escalated. … Add to that the savings to health systems and even employers, and concerted action to combat AMR becomes even more cost-effective. That is why the G7 governments should intensify their efforts to address AMR. And it is why China and the other emerging economies should join the fight. Together, we can safeguard the curative powers of our medicines” (6/29).