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Funding Increase For Public Health Emergency Preparedness Uncertain As U.S. Congress Explores Options

CQ News: Health Emergency Funding Boost Might Not Happen in Fiscal 2019
“The House Republican who oversees most discretionary federal health spending wants to boost funding for emergency preparedness and response in fiscal 2019 and beyond, he said at a hearing Wednesday. But Oklahoma Rep. Tom Cole acknowledged an increase in those programs would have a lot of competition as Congress decides how to fund the government for next year. … [A]s Congress explores whether to increase funding to research and purchase new vaccines, treatments, and other medical products to prepare for outbreaks or health disasters, some lawmakers will continue to push instead for support of hospitals, labs, and other parts of the emergency-response system. … As those biodefense authorization bills are considered, lawmakers will likely debate whether they should set aside money for emergencies that may arise…” (Siddons, 4/18).