FOX News Reports On UNICEF Audit For Haitian Activities; U.N., Haiti Announce Lower Cholera Numbers

News outlets report on a UNICEF audit on relief efforts in Haiti, as well as new data on cholera in the country.

FOX News: In Haiti, UNICEF handed out millions without proper oversight, report says
“Even while it was sending out urgent appeals for funds to help poor people in Haiti, the local office of UNICEF was handing out tens of millions of dollars to local partners without proper oversight, and losing track of hundreds of thousands of dollars’ worth of vital medical supplies, according to an internal UNICEF audit…” (Russell, 5/28).

U.N. News Centre: Haiti: U.N., Government report lowest number of cholera cases to date
“The Haitian Prime Minister, the U.N. Special Representative to Haiti and the U.N. Senior Coordinator for cholera response vowed to press on with intensified efforts to eliminate the disease from the island as reports from the first months of 2014 reflected the lowest number of cases and cholera-related deaths since the beginning of the epidemic…” (5/28).