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Third Ebola Patient To Be Treated At Emory University Hospital

News outlets report on a fourth Ebola patient who will be brought from West Africa to the U.S. for treatment. Emory University Hospital in Atlanta will receive the patient, after successfully treating two other American Ebola patients.

ABC News: Another Ebola Patient Headed to Emory Isolation Unit
“Another American Ebola patient is headed to Emory University Hospital in Atlanta for treatment, according to a statement from the hospital. The patient is expected to arrive Tuesday morning…” (Lupkin, 9/8).

Atlanta Journal-Constitution: Emory hospital to get third Ebola patient
“A third person with the Ebola virus will be admitted to Emory University Hospital tomorrow, the university said in a statement released late Monday afternoon…” (Bentley, 9/8).

Los Angeles Times: A third Ebola patient will go to Emory University Hospital in Atlanta
“…The patient is expected to arrive Tuesday morning and will be treated at the same facility where two American missionaries were treated this summer, the hospital said. Dr. Kent Brantly, 33, and Nancy Writebol, 59, were discharged last month after medical officials determined that they had recovered and were not contagious anymore…” (Raab, 9/8).

Reuters: Fourth Ebola patient coming to U.S. hospital for treatment
“…The hospital did not provide any information on the new patient, citing confidentiality rules…” (Stein/Flynn, 9/8).

Washington Post: The fourth Ebola patient flown to the U.S. will be treated at Emory University
“…Another American doctor was flown from West Africa to a treatment facility at Nebraska Medical Center on Friday…” (Phillip, 9/8).