For Progress Against Global HIV/AIDS To Continue, U.S. Must Recommit To Fully Funding PEPFAR

CNN: Biden & Frist: Now is not the time to cut off AIDS funding
Joe Biden, former U.S. vice president and Benjamin Franklin Presidential Practice professor at the Penn Biden Center for Diplomacy and Global Engagement at the University of Pennsylvania; and Bill Frist, former Republican Senate majority leader from Tennessee and chair of Hope Through Healing Hands

“…[T]oday, thanks to the generosity of the American people, there are millions of men, women, and children for whom an HIV diagnosis is no longer a death sentence. … And yet, for all these successes, this is a precarious moment. … This is a moment for the United States to step up our investment in HIV/AIDS, rally other nations to join us and finish the work we started. … [W]e can’t allow ourselves to become complacent with what we’ve already accomplished. We have to recommit ourselves to fully funding PEPFAR, expanding access to treatment, and ensuring we don’t allow our progress to slip away from us. … We are passing more responsibility for the fight to our African partners every year, but we can’t let our progress toward defeating this disease serve as an excuse to take our foot off the gas. If we can tap into that big-hearted, bipartisan spirit we have shown in the past, we can reach the day where future generations lead full and productive lives, free from the threat of AIDS” (6/8).