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Food, Nutrition Security, Especially In Conflict Areas, Vital To Achieving Peace

Devex: Opinion: Malnutrition in conflict zones is rife — here’s how to save lives and build peace
Michael Klosson, vice president for policy and humanitarian response at Save the Children

“…Conflict has been repeatedly cited by the United Nations as a major driver of hunger in 2018. Failure to get nutritious food to children trapped in war zones has a double whammy long-term effect on a country’s development. Impaired development and poor health in children will result in lost gross domestic product when they become adults, with increased health care costs as they suffer from additional diseases. … Several lessons have been learned in recent years that can shape a better response today: 1. Addressing hunger and conflict requires a whole of government response … 2. Safeguarding and expanding access to vulnerable communities … 3. Sustaining humanitarian and development responses to malnutrition … 4. Cash aid can empower impacted communities to meet their needs … Food insecurity is a self-evident driver of instability and conflict. … But we can also flip this notion around and recognize that food and nutrition security is a foundation for peace. To foster peaceful and prosperous societies, we need to get food and nutrition security, particularly in conflict areas right” (11/30).