Focus On Human Rights, Development, Gender Equality Integral To Countering Sexual Violence In Conflict Settings

The Guardian: Sexual violence is​ a tool of war, but we have the weapons to end that
Zainab Hawa Bangura, U.N. special representative of the secretary general on sexual violence in conflict, and Melanne Verveer, executive director of the Georgetown Institute for Women, Peace, and Security

“…Addressing sexual violence is a necessity to protect human rights and ensure peace and security. … Here are some steps we believe should be taken immediately to address conflict-related sexual violence. First, the international community must place a high priority on ensuring the full implementation of the existing laws and commitments that advance women’s protection and empowerment. … Second, it is critical to dismantle the culture of impunity surrounding conflict-related sexual violence, with a strong focus on bringing those responsible to justice. … Third, holistic services for survivors and their families — including psychological services, physical care, and psychosocial treatment — must be prioritized and made available in any coordinated humanitarian response. … Finally, we must place a premium on protecting human rights and ensuring full and meaningful participation in peace-building, security operations, the economy, and decision-making…” (3/2).