First Ebola Case In U.S. Worries Airlines

News outlets report on how the U.S.’s first confirmed case of Ebola is affecting airlines.

Foreign Policy: The First Ebola Case in the U.S. Is Also Scaring Investors
“The Ebola outbreak has been hammering the economies of West Africa for weeks. The first confirmed Ebola case inside the United States is now hitting the nation’s biggest airlines, raising fears that the American economy could start to feel the disease’s impact as well…” (Trindle, 10/1).

Politico: Airlines face Ebola fallout
“Health experts say travelers face little risk of contracting Ebola on airplanes, but the disease’s arrival in the United States is bringing new worries about its ability to hop between countries and continents…” (Wolfe, 10/1).

Reuters: U.S. airlines in contact with government about Ebola concerns
“Several leading U.S. airlines said on Wednesday they were in close contact with federal health officials about Ebola-related travel concerns after a traveler infected with the deadly virus was diagnosed on U.S. soil…” (Datsin, 10/1).

Wall Street Journal: Ebola Case in U.S. Gives Airline Investors the Jitters
“The first Ebola case diagnosed in the U.S. gave airline investors the jitters Wednesday, as they tried to gauge the potential impact of the episode on demand for air travel…” (Ostrower/Carey, 10/1).