Financial Times Examines Race For FAO Director-General

The Financial Times examines the race to lead the U.N. Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), saying that “since the 2007-08 food crisis and the price shock of 2010-11, the formerly low-profile FAO has been catapulted to the centre of global policymaking,” with six countries putting forth candidates for director-general.

“The election on Sunday of the next FAO director-general reflects this new climate, with the contest drawing candidates from Austria, Brazil, Indonesia, Iran, Iraq and Spain in what observers say is one of the most contested ballots in the FAO’s history,” the newspaper writes. The Financial Times notes that “diplomats say the election is too close to call as each of the 191 member countries have the same weight in the ballot and support would shift as candidates are eliminated in successive voting rounds” (Blas, 6/23).