Feminist Approach To Humanitarian Aid Critical To Achieving Gender Equality

CNN: The world is failing women and girls in crisis, but feminism can help
David Miliband, president and CEO of the International Rescue Committee

“…[T]he world will continue to fail in its commitment to achieve gender equality until we take seriously the power differentials that drive these inequities — until we take a feminist approach. The successful application of feminist aid will see women and girls equally safe, educated, healthy, empowered, consulted, and in control of resources, no matter the context. … IRC is adopting a feminist approach to humanitarian aid, which requires us to engage more systematically with the questions of power that are raised by feminist thinking. It means a continued emphasis on preventing and responding to violence against women and girls — ensuring it is neither invisible nor underfunded — and it calls for the humanitarian sector to institutionalize a proactive approach to tackling inequalities. At a minimum, this should include setting targets within the Sustainable Development Goals that serve women and girls in crisis, codifying a set of gender-based violence safeguarding measures in emergencies, integrating women’s voices and leadership in program design, and establishing gender equality scorecards to track progress. … [T]ackling the inequalities of power that women and girls face is not a diversion from our mission but is central to its achievement. It is precisely the scale of the humanitarian crisis that demands that we address it now” (6/20).