Female Leadership, Involvement Necessary To Advance Women’s, Children’s Health

Fortune: How G.E. and U.N. Women Plan to Put More Women in Top Global Health Jobs
Terri Bresenham, president & CEO of G.E. Healthcare Africa, India, and Southeast Asia, and Lakshmi Puri, U.N. assistant secretary general and deputy executive director of U.N. Women

“…To create meaningful and sustainable change in the disparity affecting women’s and girls’ health, we need to substantially increase the number of female leaders in the global health sector. Health care systems that connect to the needs of women and children can be more effectively developed by women who have experienced the same journey. … With the sixty-ninth World Health Assembly this week, we are calling on every global health and development stakeholder to commit to advancing women in global health leadership. We need women in leadership roles so that they can make and influence funding, resourcing, and policy decisions. We need ample growth opportunities and education programs for women in every organization. And we need to inspire the next generation of emerging female health leaders through mentorship and networking…” (5/26).