Famine Relief Efforts ‘Falling Tragically Short’ Due Largely To Lack Of Awareness

Washington Post: No one is paying attention to the worst humanitarian crisis since World War II
Jackson Diehl, deputy editorial page editor of the Washington Post

“…[I]t’s shocking that so little heed is being paid to what the United Nations says is the worst humanitarian crisis since 1945: the danger that about 20 million people in four countries will suffer famine in the coming months, and that hundreds of thousands of children will starve to death. … According to U.N. and private relief officials, efforts to supply enough food to stem the simultaneous crises in South Sudan, Somalia, Yemen, and Nigeria are falling tragically short so far, in part because of inadequate funding from governments and private donors. … That resource gap could be attributed to donor fatigue, or to the sheer size of the need. But, in part, it’s a simple lack of awareness. … Famines used to attract broad interest in the West. Rock stars led relief campaigns, and television networks produced special documentaries. U.S. nongovernmental organizations are looking for ways to similarly galvanize the country this summer. Millions of lives may depend on whether they can find a way to command attention in the age of Trump” (6/25).