Faith-Based Organizations Thank U.S. Congress For Bipartisan Support Of Foreign Assistance

The Hill: Faith-based aid groups are grateful to Congress for funding
Jean Duff, president of Partnership for Faith & Development at Faith for International Assistance (FIA)

“All of us engaged in global health, development, and humanitarian assistance have waited with baited breath for the FY17 congressional budget. Now we want to take a moment to lift up our voices and say thank you. We are grateful because, even though foreign assistance is less than one percent of the federal budget, every dollar is vital. … [W]ithout U.S. government funding, leadership, and influence, our humanitarian work would greatly suffer, as would the most vulnerable we serve. … The possibility of four looming famines weighs heavily on our minds. Again we thank Congress for providing $990 million for famine relief. … Also on our minds is President Trump’s proposal to eliminate Development Assistance (DA). Instead, Congress understands DA is a hand up, not a hand-out … U.S. foreign assistance is our moral call and our opportunity to feed the hungry, offer water to the thirsty, and free the stranger from exploitation. As the FY18 budget debate gets underway all too soon, we are deeply grateful that Congress has made its bipartisan support of American values put to work, abundantly clear…” (5/9).