Facing National Deficit While Preserving Foreign Assistance

Noting some of the successes of U.S. foreign assistance in the area of global health, Christopher Elias, president and CEO of PATH, and Richard Stearns, president of World Vision U.S., write in The Hill’s “Congress Blog,” “Unfortunately, … American aid is being threatened with severe cuts, though it makes up less than one percent of the federal budget.” They continue, “When we also consider food aid, disaster assistance, and economic development, it is clear that millions upon millions of people are able to live healthy, productive lives today because of the goodwill of everyday Americans.”

“Just as we have a moral obligation to address the fiscal crisis we face at home, we cannot turn our backs on families whose lives — and productive futures — depend on the generosity of Americans. … A small investment in health reaps the benefits of life and hope for millions. That’s an investment every American can support,” they conclude (10/14).