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Experts Say Zika Focus Must Remain On Disease’s Consequences, Surveillance, Prevention

VOA News: Expert: Focus on Zika’s Consequences, Not Disease Itself
“… ‘The problem with the Zika virus is not the disease itself,’ Dr. Ronald Waldman told VOA’s ‘Straight Talk Africa’ on Wednesday. … Therefore, he said, the task ahead is to understand more about the consequences of the disease, notably microcephaly … ‘We are in an unfortunate situation with so many unknowns,’ said Josh Michaud of the Kaiser Family Foundation, a nonprofit organization focusing on national health issues. … Michaud said that in parts of the world where access to health care is limited, governments need to do a better job of surveillance, setting up studies to make sure the link between Zika infections and microcephaly is genuine…” (Diallo, 2/11).