Experimental Ebola Vaccines Provide Year-Long Antibody Responses In Liberia Trial

CIDRAP News: Liberia trial finds Ebola vaccines yield year-long immune response
“A trial at the end of Liberia’s Ebola outbreak of two candidate vaccines that were furthest along in development at the time showed both posed no major safety concerns and triggered immune responses that lasted at least a year, researchers from a U.S.-Liberian clinical research partnership reported [Wednesday]…” (Schnirring, 10/11).

Wall Street Journal: Ebola Vaccines Show Promise in New Study
“…Five hundred participants received a vaccine developed by Merck & Co., 500 got one from GlaxoSmithKline PLC, which was based on work by the National Institutes of Health, and 500 received a placebo. With the Merck vaccine, at one month, 83.7 percent of patients had developed antibodies to Ebola virus, versus 70.8 percent with the Glaxo vaccine, and a negligible number, 2.8 percent, in the placebo group. The relationship of antibody responses was similar after 12 months, with 79.5 percent, 63.5 percent, and 6.8 percent of patients, respectively, showing antibody response…” (Burton, 10/11).