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Expanded Mexico City Policy Threatens Women’s Health, U.S. Leadership In Global Health

Washington Post: The Trump administration threatens to imperil women’s health worldwide
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“Some say the ‘Mexico City policy’ — a restriction on U.S. funds to international organizations that provide, advise, or discuss abortions — looks like a game of ping-pong. Republican administrations implement the rule, and Democratic ones volley it back. If so, President Trump has come to the table with a tennis racket. … Mr. Trump’s executive order takes a giant leap beyond previous GOP incarnations: It’s not just family planning funds that are at risk, but all global health assistance, including funds to combat tuberculosis, malaria, and AIDS. … The White House has not announced what funding streams are set to go dry under the new policy, or whether Mr. Trump will make any exceptions, but at least one official has signaled that the administration’s intent was indeed to broaden the stricture. If so, a bipartisan tradition of U.S. leadership in global health will come to a catastrophic end” (2/1).